My Story

I am so happy you checked out my about me story, thank you. Here is the beginning of my story. I moved from my small town to Kemptville (a little bigger) and didn't know anyone. I decided to join a volleyball team to get out and to met new friends. At a vendor show for the volleyball team I met a lady with a Scentsy table. (Scentsy was new in Canada) I wandered past and got a sniff of something AMAZING. I should tell you I had never sold anything before. I approached her table and asked for a catalog and she offered me a sample piece of wax with her business card. I shovelled it in the volleyball bag. Played my game and went home. Emptied my bag and throw the sample on nightside table. Days later i could smell the sample still. It made me think gosh it smells great. (welcome home scent) I called the lady and asked a few questions about the business. Her response was why don't you host a party and share Scentsy with with friends and family and see how easy it is to be a Scentsy consultant. My party was a great success, she praised me on how I had an easy time socializing and sharing the scents i loved. She offered to flip my party to be my first order (and me to become a consultant )I would earn commission and all the rewards Scentsy had to offer and to start my new business. That was a safe way for me to jump in and not spend a lot of money. I was worried I would fail. Well I loved how the company and all the consultants share posters and ways to succeed, everything was at my fingertips. My sponsor was readily available for questions and encouragement. I have never looked back and that was 9 years ago. I have learned so many tricks and tips and how i want to promote MY business. I am looking ahead to add people to my team that want to earn extra income and to have a great group to work with. This could be you. I would love to earn future trips and to experience them with you. It is as simple as asking me how. Contact me anytime !